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Aktin Chemical

BioPurify Phytochemicals Ltd.

Nissan Chemical Industries, LTD.

Primary Cells, Media & Reagents, Cell Biology Products

Cell Applications, Inc.

Biosynth Chemistry & Biology



ELISA Kits, Assay Kits, Antibodies, Proteins, Antigens

Mediomics, LLC

Assay kits, Antibodies

Creative Diagnostics

ELISA Kits, Rapid Test Kits, Antibodies, Antigens


Recombinant Protein


Protein, ELISA Kits, CLIA Kits, Polyclonal Antibody

Elabscience Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

ELISA Kits, CLIA Kits, Antibodies, Proteins


ELISA Kits, Assay Kits, Antibodies, Microarray

Avidity LLC.

Biotin ligase, C-terminus Avitag, cell lines etc.

BioVendor R&D

Immunoassays, Proteins, Antibodies, Endotoxin removal products, Endotoxin detection products, Cell-based assays, Colorimetric Assays


Microbiology(Culture, Identification, Infectious Diseases, Microscopy, Molecular Diagnostics), Immunology(Autoimmune Testing, Allergy, Food Intolerance), Veterinary Diagnostics(EIA Assays, Animal Allergy Kits), Food Analytics(Mycotoxins, Allergens, Antibiotics, Vitamins, Hormones, Histamine)


M30 Apoptosense ELISA, M65 ELISA, M65 EpiDeath ELISA, M30 CytoDeath ELISA, M30 CytoDEATH antibodies, M5/M6 Keratin 18 antibodies

Antibody Research Corporation

Antibodies, ELISA Kits, Peptides, Proteins, Reagents

Sigma Diagnostics, Inc.

ELISA Kits, CLIA Reagents, Rapid Immunoassay

Shanghai YL Biotech Co., Ltd.

ELISA Kit, CLIA Kit, Protein, Antibody

Standards & microanalysis


Standard Reference Materials(SRMs)

NSI Lab Solutions

Analytical Reference Materials and Proficiency Testing Standards

Absolute Standards, Inc.

Calibration standards for EPA, ASTM, FDA Methods and More.

Infectious serology, Autoantibodies, Cytoskeleton, Rapid tests


Main products: IVD Kits in ELISA Kits, RAPID tests, LIA Kits, IFA Kits and ELISA Kits for research use and environmental monitoring


LC Laboratories

Signal transduction, Oncology or other preclinical research related reagents
Biomedical research community가 사용할 수 있는 Small-molecule reagents

Bioluminescent probes & near infrared fluorescent dyes

Intrace Medical

Best sellers : D-Luciferin potassium salt, ICG dye derivatives, Fatty acid uptake probe

Peptide reagents and Amino acids

GL Biochem Ltd.

Enzyme King

DNA/RNA Extraction products


Molecular biology reagents and genomic tools

Electron microscopy- Gold Probes

SPI Supplies

Immunogold label products to suit various protocols. Also unconjugated gold nanoparticles for those who prefer to make their own immunogold reagents.

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